Tune Spotlight

  • TWB43 WN

    Chainsaw Mendes


    I love this bass!!!! The neck is fast, the pick ups are very responsive and frets are easily accesable anywhere on the neck. I'm not a techie, but I know what I like and I know the sound I want. This is a superior bass made by Professionals who are good at their craft. It's a thing of beauty just sitting on the stand, unique looks and excellent choices of wood that create a great sounding bass. I prefer the sound and balance of my Tune to my Ernie Ball Sting Ray. As soon as I can find a buyer for the Sting ray, I'll take the money and buy another Tune bass!!!!

  • TWB63 FM



    Hi all, i play a TWB6 string Bass since early 90th. and i am absolutly satisfied with it. Mostly i play fusion and jazz and diferent combos. Cause of more funky styl and my small thumb i bought now an hatsun TWB 4 string bass and this one is also very well done. Thanks to Tune for those beautiful instruments and sounds. Martin from Germany PS: I now play bass for nearly 30 years.

  • TWB63 FM

    Jeff of Eric Durrance Band

    Tune Basses on the 2008 CMT tour!

    Guys, I just wrote the longest review for this bass, and it didnt post, so this one is going to be short and sweet. Buy this bass! Trust me, Im a pro bassist living in Nashville Tennessee and touring the States this fall with Eric Durrance on the CMT Tour 2008. I will be playing these basses, not because they are paying me ( Although an endorsement would rock!), but because I have owned every brand in the book, including Fodera, Sadowsky, MTD, Ken Smith, Alembic, etc., and none of them come close to the feel, sound, and ringning piano-like sustain of these basses. Im using DAddario 170 XL's and nothing could be any better for me. The trick is in the filter contol inside the bass on the preamp. I have mine set at the halfway mark. I also run the midrange eq pretty hot and bump the treble and bass to taste. My setup is a relatively straight neck, with 3/32 on the B (E) side and 5/64 on the G (C) side. I have a 6 string and two 4 strings and I couldnt be happier, even though I own a total of 16 basses, these are the ones I reach for when I can only take one or two basses on the gig! Trust me, try em and dont forget, you gotta adjust the filter if you want it to "ROCK"!!!!!!